New Mountek nGroove Snap has arrived!

Ok, this thing is pretty slick. It’s ridiculously simple, and I can’t imagine it not working for any phone out there, and practically any tablet - it even works with the heavier second gen iPad.

Basically you get a mount that slips into the cd slot in your car, then expands to get a sturdy grip - all without interfering with cd-reading at all (obviously you’ll have to remove it if you want to swap in a new cd, but hey your smart device is probably the source of your tunes anyway). This is coupled with an adjustable head with powerful rare earth magnets hidden within. Then you simply attach one of the metal plates to your device. It comes with an adhesive back and a nice looking surface if you wish, or you can hide it behind your case. I did the latter, removing my case and just sliding the thin metal plate behind it without removing the adhesive - I did, however, lay the adhesive side towards the actual phone body as a scratch buffer, just in case. Then you get to find out why they call this the snap - the phone just slapped into place against the rare earth magnets - no clips, no fiddly bits just surface to surface contact.

The metal plates appear to have a pretty nice wood grain color to them. The package comes with two thinner plates for phones (right) and one thicker plate for tablets (left).

The Snap is actually quite small and as you can see how it is positioned here can also be used to hold your device for watching videos or holding the device for you on plane rides or even as an impromptu tripod for taking photos. Pretty damn handy.

Here I’ve got the cell phone pad nestled in my Gelaskins case to give you an idea of whats going on behind the scenes. I don’t currently have another camera at my disposal to show you the whole shebang, but I’ll get something soon.

It’s a strong connection, too. I can easily tap on the home button and it feels very secure. Then, when you’ve arrived at your destination you just pull it away and stick it in your pocket (or purse), and away you go, not having to adjust or unscrew or release your device at all.

Quite impressive. I’d definitely recommend this to folk looking for a nice car mount.

Here’s a link to the original indigogo page that has pictures and video. The device still hasn’t been released yet so the Mountek page is pretty bare on details at the moment of posting this.

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