December 4, 2018

Fallout 76 PC Update: Shenanigans (Dec 4)

Fallout 76 PC Update: Shenanigans (Dec 4)

Fallout 76 PC Update:

So. *cough* The most recent update may cause you to experience a (widely reported) Crash to Desktop. The fix, for the time being (xD) is to create a new character, exit back to the main menu, then select your regular character and launch. Each. Time. You. Play. (until they find a fix). xD lol The things people will do to walk around in a post-apocalyptic simulator.

Update: Evidently the "create a new character" solution only works once. If you log out afterwards, you get nada. Edit: Ok, so you have to create a new character /every/ time you re-launch the game. Also, any pocketed armor you may have will need to be removed, stored and then re-enabled in order to get the carry weight the added back. xD Bethesda must have outsourced their QA - I can think of a couple places they might be using xD

Update 2: Hot Fix

Update 3: Oh god, Bethesda created a ticket system for people that wanted to get the canvas bags that wound up being nylon instead, and anyone using the system could see the personal details of everyone else. D: